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Live&Work In Northern Maine

What’s the Lifestyle like In Northern Maine

We’re looking for Veterans and others who miss living in Northern Maine !

We have some great news for those of you that either worked here at Loring Air Force Base or grew up here “In the County”.  If you left to find work elsewhere we have news for you.

First and foremost: The area is still the beautiful, peaceful quiet  place to live that you remember and have been missing all these years.

Second: If you left because there were no good paying jobs here we have a surprise for you. There are jobs here and work is waiting in the area that you loved. You know who you are. You’re the person that enjoys 4 seasons of living and all that includes. The snowmobile trails are open and groomed. The bear, deer and moose are still plentiful and need someone to hunt them and the lakes, rivers and streams are still full of fish just waiting for someone like you to try and catch them. The summers are still spectacular with temps in 70’s during the day and in the 50’s at night with very little humidity. If you live down south or out west you are in hot and sticky or just plain hot all the time. Not up here!  As soon as we get to the end of August the night time temps start dipping into the 40’s making for great sleeping weather. The winters are as snowy as you remember but the towns and state do a great job of keeping the roads open.

Now we need you back to come back and Live and Work here in Northern Maine. Who knows maybe you’ll have some of our 4 legged friends visit you in your backyard……

There are some great things unfolding here in Northern Aroostook County and you can be a part of it. This is an open invitation to everyone that lived here or wants to join here in paradise!


First, Attention Veterans!

If you lived at Loring Air Force Base, were transferred and wound up living elsewhere, guess what? There’s work for you and your skill now at Loring. A number of companies have opened at the former base now called the Loring Commerce Centre. It’s the biggest industrial park in the state and the only one with a 12,800 ft long runway that has is open again!


Welcome to your invitation to come to or come back to Northern Maine!

Northern Maine : The Way Life Should Be