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Why Should Veterans Move to Northern Maine

Why would Military Veterans want to move to Northern Maine?

If you’re from here originally you know why. Now’s the time to return.

For those that are “From Away” as we say, here’s just a few important reasons.

  •  Loring Air Force Base is now Loring Commerce Centre and the companies that are there need the kind of skills and work ethic you learned in the military. Now!
  • If you are collecting a military pension Maine does not tax your pension.
  • Maine has low property tax rates
  • Northern Maine has low cost real estate
  • Northern Maine has a nice slower paced lifestyle
  • There are jobs waiting for you here
  • There is training available to you if you need to learn a trade
  • There is education available to you if you want to earn a college degree
  • There are State Veteran Benefits available up here.
  • No Hurricanes Up Here!

The 2017 speech by Governor LePage of Maine to all Maine Veterans

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