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Jobs are waiting here in Northern Maine. Check our current listings

How Do Veterans and Others Find A Job in Northern Aroostook County ME ? Right Here!

Here’s a few of the openings we know of in late October of 2017.

Aroostook Area Agency for Aging    

PSS (Personal Support Service) workers needed. If you don’t have training you’ll need it and  you can take online while you work.

Call us at  207 764 3396 or 1-800 439 1788

We need mechanics, welders, body workers, painters and like people that are willing to learn and do multiple tasks . Here’s how Loring puts it:

Loring Industries is interested in candidates with the following capabilities:

⦁ Hard working attitude
⦁ Eager to advance on merit up the ladder (lots of room to grow!)
⦁ Mechanical aptitude (willing to be trained)
⦁ Ability to use basic power tools
⦁ Computer savviness is a plus
⦁ Not afraid to get your hands dirty!

Loring Industries is a fascinating place to work! Go here  for more information.

At Pines we provide health care for all. Not just those that can afford it!

Non-Clinical Opportunities

Position Title: Nutrition Educator
Location: Pines Caribou Health Center
Posting Date: 10/16/2017

Position Title:Medical Office Specialist (several positions)
Location: Pines Fort Fairfield and Orthopedics Health Centers
Posting Date: 10/06/2017

Click here for the application page


Porvair is a specialist filtration and environmental technology company based in the UK with operations there and in the US, Germany and China.

Our Caribou Maine location is one we are very proud of  and we’re growing here with our sights set on being in Caribou for a long time. We are always on the lookout for the right people from engineers to product manufacturing techs, inspectors and quality control persons and other roles that develop as we grow. Please call us today and to learn more about us visit

15 Armco Avenue
Caribou, ME 04736
Tel: +1 207 493 3027

How does a Veteran Find a Job Else where? We can tell you that in general all of the medical institutions are always on the lookout for nurses and the construction companies are in need of craftsmen, carpenters, masons is a great Magazine that we highly endorse.

But…. You’ll do better looking in Aroostook County. Known as “The County” up in these parts. Why? Because not only is it vet friendly with all the resources veterans need here it’s the biggest county in Maine. In fact, Aroostook County is bigger than Rhode Island and Connecticut combined and we think it’s a nicer place to live!

What Do We know about that Airplane Company Coming to Loring? Only what we read in the paper! From the 9-27- 2017 Issue of The County a local Digital Newspaper


Renovations underway at Loring for anticipated aviation repair firm

Christopher Bouchard

Christopher Bouchard


LIMESTONE, Maine — Improvements and repairs to buildings at the former Loring Air Force base in Limestone continue in preparation for an as yet unidentified aviation firm expected to start operations here this winter.

Due to a regulatory process that involves obtaining Federal Aviation Administration certification on the former base, details such as the name of the company and specific nature of an agreement first announced in June, will not be revealed until the company officially begins operations this winter, according to Carl Flora, president and CEO of the Loring Development Authority.
“We continue with efforts to solidify arrangements with an aviation company that would occupy Loring facilities for a maintenance, repair and overhaul center,” Flora reported to LDA board members on Wednesday. Since the company “will be focused on large aircraft,” he said it was important to get the Arch Hangar in particular ready. The hangar will be the “central facility” for the aviation repair firm and it needs to be in “serviceable condition” when the company arrives at the Loring Commerce Centre, he said.
“The building has never been completely heated since the Air Force was here,” Flora said. “We did install two very large boilers to heat the hangar floor, but other than a test fire, we’ve never used them.”

Flora referred to the task of getting the boilers in operating condition as a “moving target” as he is still unsure how much of the heating system will be usable and how much will need to be replaced, adding that “we’re focused on taking care of that.”
In addition, workers are making roof repairs, Flora said.

The LDA president, in a memorandum for the meeting, wrote that “there are issues with the flat section of the roof. We have identified the areas directly over the existing heating systems, including the mechanical and electrical rooms on both sides of the hangar, for roof repairs. This is underway now.”

The Arch Hangar, according to Flora, is a “critical” part of the project. Additionally, the as yet unnamed aviation firm will occupy the jet engine shop when employees start arriving this winter. Flora said the firm eventually will occupy the “base ops building, the snow barn, and the alert hangar.”

Earlier this year, the state Legislature approved a funding bill to provide Loring with $750,000 for this fiscal year and an additional $750,000 for the next fiscal year
Flora said the money would be used for a “variety of things, all related to putting aviation assets back into service.”